Application Development

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Software Applications are everywhere.  From Computers to Phones, applications (sometimes called apps) allow us to do the things we take for granted everyday.  These programs allow us to work and play. 

Web vs. Desktop vs. Mobile

When it comes to creating applications, there are bascially three flavors: Web, Desktop and Mobile.  Web applications run on web servers and are accessed from ordinary web browsers.  The advantage of Web Applications is that they are Platform Independent.  This means they can run on Windows, Mac and even Linux!  

A Desktop application runs on the Operating System itself (Windows, Mac, etc).  This means each targeted operating system will need its' own version to be created.  The advantage of this is performance.  Running directly on the Operating System itself gives the application a greater share of system resources, so that any processing or graphic intensive programs and applications will run better.

Mobile Apps run on a phone or portable device (like a tablet).  These applications are created from the ground up to be run on a mobile platform so that they can take advantage of all the hardware features available and be perfectly intuitive even on a smaller screen. 

Which flavor you choose is really up to what you want to get out of the application.  Don't worry, we can help you make the right choice!

The AmaTech Development Process

AmaTech works closely with clients at every step during the development process.  This makes sure that the end product is exactly what the client expects and gives both parties input and feedback at every turn.  The following briefly shows the AmaTech Development Cycle.

Development Cycle

As you can see, the AmaTech Development Process is a cycle.  Every version of the application that we develop goes through the same steps and we work with our clients at each iteration so that the project gets done right the first time and in the fastest way possible.

Where do I Begin?

The whole development process begins with an idea, and a meeting. We are more than happy to sit down and discuss your idea and see if we can turn it into the next big thing.

Call us at 203-533-9004 or use our contact form on this site to schedule a time to sit down with our development team!

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